This page is dedicated to help you understand how you can track your order/parcel/goods. Kindly read the information provided below as it will guide you through the process.

Track Your Shipment...

How do I Track my Order?

To Track your SHIPMENT, PARCEL or ORDER, follow the steps below closely..

  1. Make sure you have the correct TRACKING NO
  2. Enter the Tracking No in the space provided and submit
  3. Wait for a successful result

The status of your item will then be shown. You will also be able to view an electronic Proof of your delivery for e.g, Senders information, Receivers Information, where your item has been sent from, destination of your parcel, departure time and arrival time.

In most cases you can also have a realtime information of where you parcel is at the time of your tracking which is the current location of your item.

Please note that only items, parcel, etc sent through our Courier Company that can be tracked on our website.